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For a fee of 65 dollars you can download the latest Treatment Plan database containing over 500 “Treatment Plans that Worked.”  All plans will have their associated outcome data spanning a four-month period attached.  All of the Treatment Plans in the database are copyrighted works.  While you can certainly share individual plans with your professional advisors and others who are helping your child, you should not share your password for database access with others. 

All databases exist in Microsoft Word format, so that Plans can be downloaded, edited electronically, and formatted for printing to better meet your needs.

 For access by one person to the TreatmentPlansThatWorked database for $65.00 CLICK HERE  

Special Offer #1:  If you are a professional, represent an organization, or are an advocate, you are eligible for membership in the National Association of BHRS Providers (NABP).  This organization was formed to distribute information about Medicaid, the EPSDT benefit, Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS) and how these tools have been used by the creator of the IBC model for BHRS delivery since 1992 to provide funding for community-based mental health treatment to children.  The NABP annual membership fee is $2,500.  Membership benefits include access to the following resources.  Questions concerning NABP membership should be directed to sakossor@ibc-pa.org  These resources are available at a substantial discount for parents through OurCaseManager.pro

  • Key Components that should be included in all Treatment Plans that can significantly increase the probability for getting and keeping Medicaid and Commercial Insurance funding for necessary treatment.
  • Access to the largest database of organized information about Medicaid, the EPSDT benefit, and Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS) on earth.  Updated continuously, this resource provides hundreds of documents, including PowerPoint presentations, video presentations and other media showing how the Medicaid, EPSDT and BHRS systems were created, how they exist in various states throughout the USA, and how they are being used in Pennsylvania to fund the mental health treatment of children — at no cost to parents regardless of family income.
  • Presentations on Medicaid, EPSDT and BHRS can be customized for any given state or audience for NABP members.

  • Knowledge Shifts the Balance of Power  This highly influential, brief presentation reveals the succesful strategy used to create and develop the support of community leaders, legislators, and key planning and budgeting personnel to implement the IBC model of BHRS (Medicaid-funded community-based mental health treatment for children) that has been operating very successfully in a Managed Care environment in Pennsylvania since 1996.
  • The Thread of MA Eligibility  This document traces the Medicaid Act with annotations to explain all of the key components of the EPSDT benefit hidden within its dense and notoriously difficult text.  With this document, you can quickly cite the legal references in Federal law that created the EPSDT benefit, the “Rehabilitation Option” that allowed creation of the Behavioral Healh Rehabiltiation Services (BHRS) treatment modality that IBC has perfected, and the obligations of State Medicaid Authorities under the Medicaid Act.  This document has been used as the foundation for expert testimony in Federal court and for Post-Graduate level training in Medicaid funding for treatment of children at the Institute for Behavior Change since 2007 and is continuously updated, including challenges to the “Rehabilitation Option” and BHRS that have arisen periodically (and our effective responses to them).
  • A Glossary of Terms  This document will help parents, advocates and professionals understand the “language of behavior change” as it is spoken by State and County bureaucrats and Managed Care Organizations.  Knowledge is power, and those who know the meanings of the terms that these groups use — understanding their definitions (and how they diverge from laws and other protective rules) — is key to successfully winning the battle for funding.
  • Discounted rates for conferences and presentations by the founder of the Institute for Behavior Change and the creator of the IBC model of BHRS delivery, Steven Kossor.  Click here to view resume.
  • Consultations regarding individuals are available via www.OurCaseManager.pro   Parents receive discounted rates for these consultations.


Special Offer #2: The Behavior Barometer is a patented behavior change device invented by the Executive Director of the Institute for Behavior Change that provides ongoing visual feedback concerning behavior. It has been used effectively by parents and teachers for children between the ages of 2 and 10 since 1996.  When one child is receiving BHRS or other interventions, the Behavior Barometer can be especially helpful in correcting the misbehavior of siblings.  Extremely simple to use, yet a powerful source of motivation for good behavior. Helps grandparents, spouses and others to “get involved” in setting limits on misbehavior.

With this special offer, you will have access to all of the other files provided to clients of the Institute for Behavior Change (including information on identifying symptoms of Lyme disease that influence the behavior of children, the components of a comprehensive bio-psycho-social evaluations that we use to get and keep funding for behavioral treatment services, and job descriptions for the Behavior Specialist Consultants, Mobile Therapists, and other providers of BHRS employed by the Institute for Behavior Change). All for $12.

CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE BEHAVIOR BAROMETER® with full instructions and other resources for $12.


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